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Our Christian beliefs . . . August 15, 2014

Church Sign - KneesFirst and foremost … it is our belief and our trust in our God and His son, our Lord and Savior … Jesus, the Christ.

As for living with and meeting the challenges that we each face on a daily basis … it’s summed up in this church sign message I spotted recently:     

        Faith makes it possible … not necessarily easy!

Then there’s this one that is so “in tune” for today’s technologically –minded and connected world:

Prayer is the greatest wireless connection!

 Now here’s another one seen recently that I truly believe is true … although I’m not sure my heart is or will be pure enough to fully experience that beautiful sight:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The pure in heart do see God!  

However, that doesn’t mean I am losing faith in the One who’s provided so much in and to my life … which – in the words of Christian financial counselor and radio show host, Dave Ramsey – “is more than I deserve!”  

As you read this, may our great God provide an added measure of “fullness” and “love” to your life!                                                                                        Marlin

2 Responses to “Our Christian beliefs . . .”

  1. LOuis A. Slate says:

    May God richly bless enlighten. I grew up with and have sung southern gospel all of my life. Enlighten is truly a beacon in this dark world.

  2. us christians can only be sincere when we are on our knees. I get down to talk to GOD.

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